We have 2 ways for you to purchase/renew a parking pass for 2020:

Online – Click to fill out your form and pay online

Check or Cash – Do Not Mail, See below

1) Download the 2020 purchase forms here:

2020 – Park for the Arts GRASS/ PAVED Parking Application

2020 – Park for the Arts TAILGATE Parking Application

2) Print out the form that has now been downloaded.

3) Fill out the information on the form. Please indicate on your order form if you are purchasing multiple spots.

4) Write a check for the amount that you will be purchasing. YOU may pay online if you wish and bring the form to the game.

5) Bring the form and your check/ cash to the parking lot on game day.

* If you are renewing please be sure to mark that on your form – Thank you.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Make Check Payable to: Alice Carlson PTA

If you have any questions about parking for TCU football games, send an email at pfta@alicecarlsonpta.com.

Alice Carlson and its PTA are volunteers and anyone applying, purchasing, or using the Park for the Arts Program understands that Carlson, the PTA, and any volunteers have no responsibility for and do not undertake any obligation to enforce COVID-19-related guidelines. You agree that, by using Park for the Arts facilities, you remain solely responsible for all COVID-19 related personal protection and legal requirements, including, but not limited to, social distancing and personal protective gear use You also agree to waive any and all claims relating to COVID-19 in any way against Carlson, the PTA, its officers, membership, or volunteers arising out of your participation in or use of the Park for the Arts program.