Here are a some of the most commonly asked questions:

Can I pay for more than one spot?  Yes. One person may purchase as many spots as they like.

Are the spots reserved? We have 2 ways to park. The first is on our reserved paved parking lot. All of these spots are reserved by space number. Our second lot is on the grass. These spots are first come first serve. We also have 5 tailgate spots available. Click Here to see a map of the Reserved Parking Lot.

Is my donation tax deductible? Yes. However, the IRS requirements stipulate that a reasonable fee for the services provided must be paid outside of the donation. We believe that for tax purposes the cost of the parking spot is $50.00 and the donation to Alice Carlson PTA is: Reserved Paved Lot $350.00   Grass Lot $250.00  Tailgate Spot $550.

What time do the lots open? We open the lots 3 hours prior to kickoff. Your spot is secured and reserved until 30 minutes after kickoff. At this point, you will be deemed a “no-show” and your spot will be made available to Guest Parkers.

Are all spaces season parking only? Yes. However, we do reserve some spots each game for Guest Parkers (visitors) as a courtesy.

Can I transfer my spot to another car?  Yes. The spot is yours to use for any vehicle – even if it’s your friends 🙂

Can I loan my parking pass out for a game? While we do not encourage this practice, it is allowable. However, our policy states that the owner of the Season Parking Pass is personally liable for any behavior or damage caused by your friend.

What does the money go? 100% of all funds are used for the arts and applied curriculum materials for Alice Carlson Elementary School, a member of the Fort Worth Independent School District.

Where can I learn more about the Alice Carlson PTA? We are a VERY active group volunteering over 2600 hours at our school each year. You can find out more about us on the Alice Carlson PTA website.